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  • V. Lee Henson

Total Eclipse of Your Process

Agile  Changing Your Process

Has your company become blind to what is really happening regarding how you handle project management? Many organizations let their very own process get in the way of seeing just what they are doing incorrectly regarding their process. Just like the pending solar eclipse is for many a once in a lifetime experience, changing and adapting your culture to embrace a realistic Agile process does not have to be. Many people and groups regard pending change as a negative consequence as a price they need to pay for embracing bad practices. This does not need to be the case.

On the path of totality when the moon and sun are perfectly aligned, for only a short moment, it is perfectly fine to look directly at the sun and discover all of the things that the moon is helping you to see. Just as this occurs for a very short window, organizations have a certain window of opportunity to address their process with minimal technical debt. Timing is of critical importance and knowing what to address first is not always easy. It is the responsibility of everyone involved to understand how they can best serve the organization and help build a process that will collectively embrace change and include the human factor.

Today marks a momentous occasion for everyone interested in the scientific community, today can also be the day that you choose to embrace Agile processes and really make lasting change within your organization. I challenge you to put on those hard to find glasses and let's embark on the journey of change together.

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