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  • Stephanie Lindstrom

To Be, or Not To Be... Agile

Being Agile

This is a question every company should ask itself, if it hasn’t already. Many of the highest performing companies are using the Agile methodology, which speaks directly to the notion that this is the gold standard for success. Open lines of communication, respect and attention to detail are key ingredients to this method of excellence.

For those that choose this path to success, know that you MUST commit. Commit to the process. Commit to the team. Commit to do it right.

I have worked with a company who “committed” to being Agile, but selected an inefficient Scrum Master and did not clearly define roles, so the process became inefficient. Long weekly and daily meetings, a disregard for the priority of the sprint and a CEO that did not buy into the process were key reasons this management style did not work. These were elements that led to organizational disaster and chaos. The effort was meant to be Agile, but in the end, was not. You must be vigilant on being process perfect for this method of management to work. Daily stand-ups, bi-weekly sprint planning and monthly and quarterly release meetings are critical.

So, do it right, do it right by your company. Have one, or multiple Certified Scrum Masters on staff. Know the process. Know the need of your company. Know the key players. If you want your company to excel, as we move into the future, you too should become Agile and engage a qualified Agile Coach to achieve success!.

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