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  • V. Lee Henson

Agile 12 Step - Step Seven - Measure Consumer Satisfaction

Take time to measure the end consumer satisfaction: In addition to the ever so critical acceptance criteria, we need to also note some form of measure for end consumer satisfaction. This information could be gathered with something as simple as frequent demonstrations of working product. Other times this requires more intense customer interaction. This is where we take the time to figure out a means of determining product success.

We should focus on end user journey maps and storyboarding in order to best understand the roles and personas that best interact with our product or service. We could leverage customer interviews, social media sentiment, end user interactive games, etc in order to best learn how happy the people are who use our product or service. Be certain not to fall in the trap where you assume that a product owner implicitly understands the wants, needs, whims, and desires of the end consumer. We need to gain focus on our target personas.

By doing so, this allows us to better align our focus on reducing waste and only building the features that our target persona would actually use or interact with. We should create a short and frequent feedback loop with the people who use our product or service in order to make certain we are building exactly what they need. Remember the mantra, Outcome over Output! Less is more!

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