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  • V. Lee Henson

Agile 12 Step - Step Eleven - Measure Team Success

Identify ways to measure team and group success. Take time to identify internal and external service level agreements and determine what metrics of success will be celebrated as a team. Celebration of completed sprints and projects should be acceptable and normal. I recently was coaching at an organization where they actually applauded when team members reported that they completed a backlog item at the daily standup. At first I thought it was strange, but then I realized how it made them feel to celebrate.

The truth here is that individuals and teams enjoy getting recognized when they are successful. It does not need to be monumental or super expensive recognition, simple recognition works! Do not let the team get into a mode where they feel like all they do is sprint and meet and sprint and meet over and over again. They need to be recognized for positive accomplishments and need to build towards high performing teams. The Tuckman model clearly describes how teams go through forming, storming, norming, and performing.

We should look for ways to help energize teams all while enforcing team ownership and accountability. The teams need to feel like they are in an environment of psychological safety and in a place where they can be open and not face consequences when displaying radical candor. As leadership, it becomes our responsibility to establish an organizational agile culture where teams are confident and work their very hardest to deliver high quality products and services.

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