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The TOP Two Podcasts You Need To Subscribe To In 2023

Yes I am perfectly aware that New Years Resolutions have become cliche and unless you are truly behavioral driven, most sputter out or completely stop by the end of January. One of the TOP reasons people cannot stick to their commitments is due to lack of time. It is for this reason I have gone out and discovered two podcasts that publish daily episodes that are ALWAYS fifteen minutes or less per day.

The first podcast is called The Agile Daily Standup Podcast from AgileDad. This hidden gem is hosted by V. Lee Henson and runs every Monday through Friday and has over 700 published episodes with over ten thousand subscribers. It was recently recognized as a top 5% business podcast on Spotify and is available on every major podcast platform. If you go directly to the AgileDad website you can even search by agile topic and get that daily boost of exactly what you are looking for:

The second podcast is nearly brand new but is gaining traction very quickly in the Agile & Scaled Agile communities. Senior Agility Coach Jacob Anderson has launched a daily podcast called Advancing Agile Together. This is a great opportunity for you to say you listened from the very beginning as it has just published the fifteenth episode! It is also always 15 minutes or less and calls out topics from more of a SAFe slant. It is available on Spotify and can be found here:

I hope that you have a safe and prosperous 2023 and enjoy tuning in. Happy New Year! Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

AgileDad has been recognized worldwide for its Inclusive, Pragmatic, Humanized, Psychology based approach used to help organizations achieve true business agility. What the book advises is no longer enough to help Agile teams and leaders get the proven tools they need to establish and scale their business in what many are calling the new normal. We are AgileDad and we provide these solutions.

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