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  • V. Lee Henson

Do We Need Another Agile Superhero?

Agile Superheroes

Who is the Agile SuperHero in your organization? Does anyone really need to take on that responsibility? Or would is be better to have an Agile Genie! 3-Wishes but no wishing for more wishes. Such is a day in the life of an Agile coach. More times than not, organizations have a pre-conceived notion of exactly what they need in order to start licking their wounds only to discover that they have enough outstanding debt to compete with the United States! Instead of trying to focus on and fix everything all at once, we should break all of the debt into items & categories that make sense. A three wish rule may not be a bad place to start, as long as organizations have a strong coach at the helm to assist them in taking the correct steps towards success. Knowing ahead that every organization is indeed different and faces different challenges should not greatly affect the way that we approach change! It becomes our responsibility to focus on the hard decisions and make the change that matters most to all those impacted by be outstanding.

AgileDad Coaches are always ready and available to assist you in solving your most difficult situational issues. Whatever you do, Stay Strong, Stay Connected, Stay Agile.

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